The Futile Art Of Banging Your Head Against The Wall

Almost every op/ed writer in the history of writing has, at one time or another, started whatever they are writing with a thought such as “We’re living in troubled times”

Then they will go on and rail about things like abuse of power and corruption and a whole host of other evil stuff that is being perpetrated by those in power over those who are being ruled.

But there is one very important point that is hardly ever considered in all this rhetoric. And that is that those who are put into power are done so by the very people who end up getting abused in the end.

Current Prime Example

DSC07650For whatever faults may exist in the American electoral system and you could seriously argue that it’s almost completely dysfunctional, the current president is the one that the people decided would be in power. It was their doing.

It may not have been fair or even democratic, but democracy as we have all come to think of it in the abstract really no longer exists.
And so it is what it is.

The fact that this particular president doesn’t appear to have any respect for government, or any of the bureaucracy he inherited or that he possesses an almost complete ignorance of foreign policy or that he is pretty much a train wreck as a human being has less to do with him than it does with the people who decided that this was the kind of president their country needed right now.

Because at the end of the day, it always comes down to the will of the people. But sadly, that will is shaped, more often than not by the persuasiveness of the candidates combined with the willingness of the people to be persuaded.

The Banging Your Head Part

Now I am not going to turn this into a diatribe against the current US president. We can all see what’s going on, even if it’s through a haze of fake news and alternative facts.

And trying to convince people of anything in social media is something I only used to think I could do when I was new at this game.

Today, I don’t try to convince anybody of anything outside of the fact that everything that happens to you is pretty much a direct result of the decisions you make every day.

If you are an American and you made the decision that you would vote for the current president, then you are obliged to live with that choice.

If however, you had done more than base your decision on the rhetoric that was generated during the election campaign, you might have come to a very different conclusion about who to support.

And you could have avoided what, from all appearances, looks like it’s going to be a protracted period of turmoil, which will, of course, end up hurting the very people who supported this president in the first place.

Everybody Is Banging Their Heads Against The Wall

Watching this president in action is causing an ever growing number of his supporters to bang their heads against the wall, because they realize the mistake they have made in supporting him.

People who didn’t support him are banging their heads because they are seeing some, if not many, of their fundamental rights disappearing under a tsunami of what looks very much like fascism, and they can’t really seem to do anything about it.

The congress and senate, the majority of whom are of the same party as the president, are banging their heads because in their hearts they understand what is going on but are simply afraid to fracture their party any more than this election already has.

They also get the bonus head bang of realizing that this president seems to be ruling by executive order (dictatorship hint #74) therefore rendering them rather useless.

The rest of the world is banging their heads trying to come to terms with just how this came about in the first place.

I have my own theories which I have expressed in a number of different post during this election cycle.

The weirdest part of all is that this aberration was something that the rest of the world saw coming with amazing clarity, but that millions in America failed to see at all. Maybe they were just too close to it. Definitely they were successfully conned by a person who, if nothing else, is a great con artist.

How Much Head Banging Can You Do?

The prevailing theory among most of the intelligent people I know is that this is kind of like a huge flare that burns hot and bright for a relatively short time and then runs out of steam, starts to sputter and eventually dies.

We can only hope that the head banging will have a relatively short half life and that this madness will either be stopped or burn out on its own.

I spent a lot of time and emotional energy writing about this and trying to warn people that it was coming.

Not because I fancied myself any sort of Nostradamus or visionary. But simply because I was paying attention to a process I used to find quite stimulating, but now only find sad.

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