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There was a very early theory that floated around the Internet about Donald Trump, even before the presidential primaries started.
The theory was that he was going to run hard, fight dirty and turn the entire system on its ear.
After he got elected, he would announce to the American people that he was stepping down, and the only reason he had taken it all this far was to be able to show everyone just how corrupt and broken the system has become.
This would have been a brilliant move. But let’s face it, Trump may be a great huckster but he’s not a brilliant individual. Not even close.
12512417_1580971875551772_5619997360424285728_nOf course, reality is not a theory. Because the main things that it did not take into account were the size of Trump’s ego and his compulsive need to win at any cost. Neither of which are measurable on any human scale ever devised.
So what happens is a classic example of be careful what you wish for.
Millions of democratic party supporters watched Trump as he campaigned, thought OMG, that is one disgusting individual. He has no platform. All he does is bash other people and institutions. And all he wants is to be king.
The ludicrousness of his behaviour, as it turns out, was exactly the thing that got him elected.
Because at least 40% of the people who would have voted democrat decided to stay home that day. Some were Bernie Sanders supporters and completely pissed at how he got screwed over by the DNC, Others were simply convinced that this would be a Democratic party landslide because…well…it was Trump after all.

WTF Indeed!

So now, someone whose support base numbers anywhere between 12 and 20 million people, has managed to pull off the greatest coup, pretty much in the history of the free world.
All that not withstanding, I sit here in the small city just 12 miles from America and wonder how the hell this happened.
Had people really lost faith in their government? Or were they just pummeled into submission by a candidate who stole pretty much the entire spotlight all through the primaries and the election campaign?
A candidate who told people nothing but lies about the way things were in America.
A candidate who refused to level with the American people about how successful he really was, or what his real motives were.
A candidate who did nothing but point out how awful everything was and how unable and unwilling the government was to do what it took to make things less awful.

Sometimes Brainwashing Doesn’t Look Like Brainwashing

Essentially the American people were brainwashed. They were fed so many lies that they ended up not being able to sort out the truth from the bullshit. They became confused about what they were hearing.
And because they were basically held captive by Trump’s non-stop media coverage, I believe a great many of them were suffering from a form of political Stockholm Syndrome. They fell in love with Trump because they couldn’t get away from him or make him go away.
It’s kind of like what you see on cop shows where the cops will interrogate a suspect to the point where he is willing to say anything just to get the interrogation to stop.
I really do believe that was the feeling that people had at the time.

And Now, The Kraken Has Been Unleashed

What you have seen over the past several weeks since Trump actually took office is the kind of chaos and confusion that can only be attributed to cluelessness.
Trump has no clue how to run the country. So instead of sitting back and taking briefings from all the people who do know how to run the country, he started issuing presidential orders.
I’m sure this is something he has dreamed about doing ever since he got it in his head to become president. But sadly, running a big country like America is a lot more complex a process than running a real estate development operation. And there is ample proof out there that Trump didn’t really do much of a job of running that either.
I believe if you took a poll today, you would find that support for this president is at an historic low. Every day he keeps unleashing these dictums that rub harshly against the grain of what America is really all about.
This wave of discontent is directly attributable to Trump’s actions combined with the cabinet choices he is making, the worst of which by far is the appointment of former Breitbart News CEO and all-pro anarchist Steve Bannon.
This plus combination of obsessiveness over trivial matters, attacks on anyone who would oppose his point of view and the people’s incessant questioning of the constitutionality of just about every decision he is making is showing everyone just how ill-suited he is for the office he has been elected to hold.
Leaders around the world, many of whom are crazy themselves feel a little less crazy now relative to what is happening in America.

The Outer Limit Is Coming Into View

16406668_708148869365041_6180838440482876858_nThe fact that a few Republicans in congress and the senate are now starting to make their Anti-Trump positions known are the first seeds that are sprouting in the garden Trump is incapable of tending.
More seeds will sprout, and sooner of later, the Republican party will have to confront the reality that they can no longer support their own candidate. This, of course will be like pulling teeth because what it will do is implode the party itself.
On the upside it will simply be joining the already imploded Democratic party. And the playing field will be level, once again.

Is There A Lesson Here?

Yes there is, and I am really simplifying things when I say that both parties are long overdue for an overhaul.
If nothing else, the most positive thing that Donald Trump has done, and arguably the only positive thing he has done, is make it painfully obvious to everyone with two brain cells to rub together that the United States Of America is pretty seriously fucked up.
Ironically, Job #1 in the ‘unfucking’ of America is getting rid of Donald Trump.
Just so you know, I am a Canadian. But I have been following American politics since the days of John F Kennedy. And if, as an American, you think that Canadians don’t have a dog in this fight, I would remind you that Canada is America’s largest trading partner. We have a dog, a cat and a parakeet in this fight.


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7 thoughts on “

  1. You have absolutely nailed it again Mr. Murray.

    Maybe it is as it should be, everyone gets what they deserve eventually.

    I hope the checks and balances devised by our founding fathers work as they were devised. They will truly be tested.. I follow you on Bebee and LinkedIn as well..

    Kind Regards,

    Glenn Melcher
    Minnesota is where I call home 🏡.

    We are nearly neighbors..

  2. Never since the U.s. Civil War has the Republic been in greater danger. For not only is this man a dangerous narcissist and megalomaniac, he displays neither knowledge of nor respect for the institutions of “The Great Experiment”. Thank you, Jim Murray, for speaking out in plain words. I am certain that as a Canadian, your concern is of needs as deep as those of us in the USA.

    1. It will surely be a test for the USA 🇺🇸:
      The one directly under Canada.. What seems like a year has been but a few weeks.. For myself the most disconcerting aspect is the weekly “tweet” storm ⛈.. The only time the two parties can agree on anything is to increase the Debt ceiling..
      In regards to the Budget we were warned in advance that neither candidate had a plausible thought process.. We all know “past performance does not guarantee future results”.. But with this trend line set firmly in place maybe they are setting themselves up for future success… We can Hope for the Best..

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