And The “Coolest Guy On The Planet” Award Goes To…

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Since this is awards season, I think we need to announce that the Coolest Guy On The Planet award, for the 9th straight year, goes to Barack Obama.

Not only did he spend 8 long years putting up with up with a congress and senate filled with people whose solemn vow was to make his life miserable, he said nothing for the last three months while the World’s Biggest Asshole (WBA) accused him of all kinds of things that the whole world heard about.

What he did by not getting involved in all this bullshit was to let the World’s Biggest Asshole sink himself in the mire of his own lies. Now that’s pretty fuckin’ cool, you have to admit.
A lesser man would have been sucked into this vortex of crap and whatever legacy he may have had would have been ruined. Because that’s what people like the WBA do. They ruin people with lies, innuendo and deceit.

Of course you have to have a good number of people on the receiving end to buy into all of this bullshit. But that number, as anyone can plainly can see from the WBA’s approval ratings, is going down down down.

When it bottoms out, probably around 20%, as his epic fails continue (and they will) you will very easily be able to identify the most gullible people in America, That might just be a good census stat to have.

In the meantime, I think all Americans should be grateful that they had a president like Barack Obama, because he genuinely is the Coolest Guy On The Planet, and whether they choose to believe it or not, he saved their country from a complete collapse caused by Wall Street greed
and pork barrel politics.

And he would have been able to do a lot more if the Republican politicians in his government cared more about the people than they did about trying to making life miserable for their president.

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