The Uphill Work Of Raging Against The Dying Of The Light

The Uphill Work Of Raging Against The Dying Of The Light

Yesterday, I reposted an article I wrote last year before Donald Trump was elected. It was really more of a lament on the current state of humanity with particular focus on America.

I know that these mini-tirades are not as popular as the pieces that I write on marketing and how to be a better blogger and my mis-adventures in the advertising business or whatever, but to me they are necessary.
My mother told me a long time ago that it was a lot better for your own well being to blow off steam than to keep your opinions bottled up inside you. And I have taken that advice to heart all through my adult life.
I sincerely believe this attitude of always speaking the truth as you know it has served me well both personally and professionally. As a result I have become an advocate of speaking the truth and encourage everyone to do so all the time.

Political Correctness Is A Repressive Tool

Political correctness, which has become a chronic intellectual disease in many societies, is simply another tool that oppressors and the powerful use to keep criticism under control. And it’s a big part of what creates the sheeple that I wrote about in my post.
This political correctness was very much in evidence in a comment I got from an actual 3-D friend on Facebook. This person is a politician and someone I think is pretty intelligent. But because he is a politician he is more or less forced to say the politically correct thing, which, in this case, amounted to an inference that I was doing nothing more than name calling, because I was showing little respect for people with opinions that differed from my own.
OK. Sure. That’s what I was doing alright.
But if you look at it objectively, I mean truly objectively sans the politically correct horse collar, it’s very easy to see that the vast majority of people who supported Donald Trump were ignorant and politically uneducated, and for that reason highly susceptible to the ravings of a lunatic who promised to make their lives better, to get them back jobs that any sane person knows are lost forever and get rid America of the threat of terrorism by isolating their country from the rest of the world.
All that not withstanding, I was very disheartened by my friend’s comment and started to actually wonder if all this raging against the machine was really worth the effort.
But then, I received another comment, This time on beBee from a fellow writer and ad guy, Jerry Fletcher.

Jerry’s Comment

“Sheeple are herd animals not ‘heard’ animals. Nobody listens to them…until it is too late.
A friend reported being in a deli/bar in a blue collar neighborhood at lunch time last week. It was just after Trumpcare went down to defeat. In the noisy room filled with truck drivers and construction workers, one young man stood up and said, ‘Thank God Trumpcare crashed and burned.’ The crowd started to turn on him.
He went on, ‘So now my granny will be able to stay in care because Medicaid is paying for it. Otherwise she’d be sleeping in my car. I voted for him, but that S O B doesn’t care about folks like us. Every one of us could wind up without health care. I’m voting Democrat in 2018 I don’t give a rat’s ass who they run.’ My friend joined the cheer from the crowd.
You want to change the world? As Dylan Thomas said, “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
Have the courage to speak out. Jim makes for a fine example. Yes, he can push your buttons but what do you expect from a professional writer?”

My Response to Jerry

“Jerry Just wanted to thank you for this comment form the bottom of my heart.
Sometimes you get to the point where feel you might be a bit of a lunatic for raging against the machine.
But your comment put it all into the real world perspective and I have to tell you it genuinely energized me. I’m going to incorporate it into an anti-Trump post that I wrote last night.
Raging against the dying of the light comes naturally to a lot of us, and although I wasn’t going to stop, I am, in fact, going forward in a higher gear.
You’re a great writer Jerry, because you moved me in a pretty serious way. And that’s what we’re supposed to do, isn’t it? So thanks my friend.”

Crazy, Isn’t It?

As you can see, fighting against political correctness and the what really amounts to textbook fascism is not without its difficulties and emotional ups and downs.
And I am not politically motivated it this. I am motivated by the friends I have in America, which are many, who never saw this coming and feel completely victimized by the maniac that has been put in power, and the party of right wing drones who support him no matter how crazy he may get.
The comparisons to Nazi Germany in the 1930s are not without substance here. And it is a right thing to do to speak out against this, because when (arguably) the most powerful nation on earth elects someone as completely inept and self-serving ad Donald Trump, it’s naive in the extreme to believe that will not someday impact on your country.
Finally. Here is the post I wrote last night on Facebook. I usually keep them there in familiar territory, but thanks to Jerry’s comment I am en
ouraged to start publishing them everywhere.
The politically correct are welcome to come at me with all they’ve got. Because these days that’s really not a hell of a lot.
I leave you with my latest Anti-Trump tirade. One of many I have done and on of many yet to come.

It’s Like He’s Trying To Win The ‘Worst President Ever’ Contest

You know, I have been aware of US presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower in the late fifties, and I have to tell you that none of them, not even Nixon in the 1970s was ever really considered an big a monster as The Drumph. None of them.
But this one is different. This one slithered out from under a gold plated slime covered rock 70 years ago, and has been a pig literally ever since I can first recall being aware of him.
But America is a funny place. America is a place that equates fame with wisdom and wealth with leadership.
And now we’re really getting a front row view of just what fucked up perceptions those actually are.
Because now, you’re starting to see the asshole who paraded around in hat with “Let’s Make America Great Again” on it is now using all the power he has to turn America into a complete 1% have/99% have not country.
The problem with that is that it doesn’t make sense.
A democracy only works when everybody has the opportunity to have what they need.
An economy only works when people earn enough to be able to afford the stuff they need.
And a society only works if the people leading it have enough compassion to make sure that everyone is taken care of.
This president don’t have any awareness of what I have just said. He cannot see any farther than what he sees in the mirror each day. So he can fuck his people six ways from Sunday and never feel a twinge of guilt or remorse or concern. That also happens to be the text book description of a psychopath.
I have for a while now, been wondering what the hell is wrong with America and I have actually concluded that it’s Trump.
It’s what he represents. It’s how he acts towards other human beings. It’s how he shows no respect for quite literally anything that doesn’t affect him directly.
America has painted itself into a corner, thinking they were making a change for the better. And now they are starting to realize that they were making a change, only it was a change for the worse.
I feel bad for all the Americans who are and will inevitably be victimized by this insanity. Because they are caught between a rock and a hard place.
But at the same time, we all have to be aware that this was the will of the people and the body politic.
You’re getting the government you deserve America. Next time, maybe, you’ll a little less gullible.

jim out


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