Why Every Human Being On This Planet Should Be Angry These Days



Sunday, we witnessed another horrendous chapter in the systematic and relentless undoing of America. It took me a long time to process how something like this is still being allowed to happen. But this country, like many others these days, which politicizes everything and learns nothing from the world, which is controlled by greed and managed by fools is now nothing more than a shining example of just how fucked up in so many ways a country can be and still carry on. But everything has its breaking point…everything.

I am weary.

I am worn down by my own human desire to be aware of what’s going on.

I have had my brain fractured by stainless steel paradoxes, lie after lie after lie playing out on 50 million watt lit stage until nobody, including me, knows what to believe anymore.

Everywhere I look I see carnage and man’s inhumanity to man riding roughshod over whole races, whole cultures, whole ideologies.

People enslaved by the greedy and the powerful. People turned into reluctant nomads because the winds of change have become uncontrollable and blow literally from all directions.

I am exhausted from trying to keep track of the ever rising body count in my head as a reminder that life is so much cheaper than it used to be.

I worry, perhaps too much, about the future, but only because the present sucks on so many levels.

I puzzle over the fact that so many people who experience far worse consequences than me, yet do nothing, not even get angry. It’s like their emotions have been syphoned off and all they can do is stare that thousand mile stare and wait on the next catastrophe.

That is not living. That is just waiting to expire.

I wonder about things I have never wondered about before, about prophecies and conspiracies and all kinds of other truths. About the fools who have the power to end humanity and seem more than willing to do it, just for spite, just to feed the monsters in their heads.

I see the rise of despots here, there and everywhere and wonder why human race needs to think in terms of destruction when I know there are beautiful ideas bubbling under the surface of this stagnant pool.

Ideas that will bring us together. That will make us peaceful and help us recapture the humanity that is not so much lost but imprisoned by those who would want us to be sad and obedient slaves.

I am nobody’s fucking slave. I am still free. We all are still free. Our captivity is an illusion… a prison built with bricks of lies that have no substance, by bricklayers who have no conscience, no moral compassand no life to speak of outside of the thin veneer of petty tyranny they believe protects them from the rabble.

I am weary. But I am not a fucking slave. I use my words to fight this tyranny. Because someone has to speak for all those who have been muted by the insanity.

This insanity will pass. But only if our collective will is strong. There is more good than evil in this world. Know that is a true thing. Fight for good. Live for others and others will do the same for you.

This is the only rock we have. We have done amazing things with it in the name of humanity. And others have done despicable things in the furtherance of greed.

I do not want my legacy to be anything but “He Went Down Fighting For Humanity.”

I am weary but I’m still here. And so are you, and together we can fix this broken world.

I’m going to keep on shouting. You should try it yourself. Because everything you want in and for this world, everything you believe this world to be in the best iteration, is out there…on the other side of complacency and chaos.



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