Rip Brian Ravok, My Friend.

I just found out yesterday from his lady, Janice Brown that my old friend Brian Ravok passed away in late December of last year. Ravok, and I only ever called him that, and he only called me Murray, was, when I first met him, a film editor for a director named Tray Adair,

This was back in the 70s when I worked with Danny Floyd at Foster advertising. Ravok then flitted around the production business, edited a bunch of features, wrote a screenplay or two, got involved with PR and marketing with his partner Janice and probably did a whole bunch of other stuff.

Over the 40 years we knew each other we would simply call each other whenever the spirit moved us, have these amazingly sardonic conversations for about an hour and then go back to our lives.

I never really knew too much about what he was doing specifically, because our relationship was almost purely intellectual.

The thing I remember most about Ravok was that he had a voice like Jeremy Irons, rich, resonant, London. Couple that with genuine awareness and smarts and you have a true conversationalist and fellow scribe. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The last time I talked to Ravok was about a year before we moved to St Catharines. I told him about what we were thinking and he simply said, “Well, there’s always Skype”.

I don’t have many people in my life I would truly call friends, But Ravok was one of them.

I talked to Janice last night, and she’s still in the bouncing back stage and figuring out her next move. My best advice to her was if you don’t have to rush, don’t.

Getting older really sucks. But, despite the fact that some people hate the expression, ‘it is what it is’, it is all that and a bag of chips.

So long Ravok. You were my friend and I will miss you.

PS: I would post a pic of Ravok, but he is that rare bird whose image appears nowhere on the Internet. Maybe he was in the witness protection program. I wouldn’t put it past him.

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