The Voracious Machinery of Yankee Progress


The great experiment in democracy is floundering
The founding fathers have moved way beyond
Rolling over in their graves
In one war after another, America has plundered
The world like drunken pirates
To feed the voracious machinery
Of Yankee progress
It has sent millions off to die
It has destroyed countries
It has engineered overthrows
It has been the archetype
For man’s inhumanity to man
All to feed the Voracious machinery
Of Yankee Progress

It has made war a revenue stream
It is so addicted to battle that
It has even fought itself
It has taken in immigrants
And let them build the country
And now it fears them
For their colour
White is not a colour, America
It is the absence of it
And if you had really been paying attention
You might have realized that
All these people you find so different…so inferior
Do not feel the same way about you
All they wanted was a chance to feed the
Voracious machinery of Yankee progress.

You invented bigotry out of some irrational fear
That the white race will disappear
Here’s a newsflash
You have no control over that
That ship has sailed
So don’t be surprised if your daughter
Brings home a bad hombre or two
It’s all a stark reminder that the
Voracious machinery of Yankee progress
Grinds up all colours and creeds.

And now you have a leader
Who is dragging everything you believe
Through the dirt
All the things you used to take for granted
Are suffocating beneath a stack of greenbacks
Peeled off a C-Note at a time to feed
The Voracious Machinery of Yankee progress.

The rich get richer.
The poor…well who really cares.
And all the good people wedged in the middle
Are nothing more than drones
The good people in your country
Are in a state of shock
The smart ones are leaving
The rest…well who really cares
They never have never been
Much more than cannon fodder for the
Voracious machinery of Yankee progress

And time is your enemy now
That the world understands
And the world wants to keep on turning
No matter how badly you want it to stop
Your isolation will create a vacuum
That will suffocate you
Your bigotry and fascism will alienate you
From everyone and everything
And all because you failed to understand
That being part of the world
Is the way of all things
And not the failing anachronism
Promoted by rich, old, fucked up white men
AKA the Voracious machinery of Yankee progress

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