This Post Is All About Me.

JIM JAN 2016Jim Murray is owner and creative director of Onwords & Upwords Inc., a Toronto Ontario based creative consultancy.

O&U provides strategic focus, concepts, copywriting & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media for SMEs and funded startups wherever they may be.

Jim has more than two decades of highly decorated ad agency experience and an equal amount of experience with direct clients. He is as conversant with the B to C market as he is with a wide range of B to B verticals. He has helped build business for more than 50 recognized national brands (including Procter & Gamble , Hunt Wesson and Mars brands) and more than 100 small businesses and startups.

O&U is currently managing communications for, among other things:  RCK Sinks in Connecticut, Robert Wright’s Online Sales Management Program, Principles of Selling in Stockholm, Peel Scrap Metal Recycling and the Peel MetalMart In Toronto.

Jim is the Writer component of marketing consortium that includes designer & online marketer Rahul Pereira and Art Director John McLachlan. With our combined strategic, creative and production skill sets, we are a team that can rival any blue chip agency or designco on all levels.

Jim is prolific blogger who has authored more than 800 editorial posts. His blogging interests range from marketing and communication to sports and entertainment. He is one of the original LinkedIn Pulse invitees, and has managed his own WordPress blog for the past decade.

O&U SignatureJim Murray, Writer/Creative Director

Direct Line: 416 463-3475
Web Site:

Portfolio Blog:

WriteAid Blog Editing Service:
LinkedIn Profile:
Skype Handle: jimbobmur61

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2 thoughts on “This Post Is All About Me.

  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I’m nominating your blog for The Liebster Award. I’ll be posting my article about it soon with a link to your blog and it should help you also get more followers.

  2. Thanks very much, Dawn-Renee. I’m not really a professional blogger like yourself, but I’m happy that you find my blog interesting. I’m not sure what a Leibster Award is but is sounds impressive.

    Cheers, Jim Murray

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