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One of the first business people I met after moving from Toronto to St. Catharines last December was a lady named Charlene Norman, who had also moved here from Toronto about 9 months earlier.
I came here with a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with my business, and as it turns out, the fates were kind, Charlene was the exact person I was looking to be associated with.
Charlene is an ex-corporate executive with an amazing track record of business building and management. She came here with the same objective in mind as I had, which was to work with some of the larger businesses in the Niagara area, which was anywhere from Buffalo NY to Hamilton & Burlington.
After a couple of long meetings, we evolved the idea of an association. Not a contractual business partnership, but very much a team effort, designed to help businesses from the organizational, marketing and communications points of view.
Our aims were relatively simple.
1. To work with companies to identify both pain points and opportunities.
2. To correct the pain points through an easy to implement and maintain methodology that Charlene had developed and used in her corporate life, to organize and or re-organize as the case might be.
3. To create and manage going forward communications.
4. To access and use the wealth of excellent support services that exist here in the Niagara region.
5. To provide these services at affordable rates.
Charlene is one of the brightest business people I have met in a long time. She has an approach to business that is simple and uncluttered, but deadly accurate in terms of dealing with issues that may be holding companies back.
My experience with branding, marketing, and communications means that everything we create for our clients will be well thought out, easy to implement and accurate in its execution.
It is exactly the one-two punch I envisioned when I moved into this market.
Time, of course, will tell, just how well-received this will be. But, at the moment, we are both extremely optimistic.






Writing. It’s Like Heroin Without Any of The Downsides

Writing About Wrting Banner

“There’s no mystery to it and it’s not a technical trick.The scheme is for real….you can manufacture faith from nothing and there are an infinite number of patterns and lines that connect from key to key – all deceptively simple. You gain power from the least amount of effort, trust that the listeners make their own connections, and it’s very seldom that they don’t.”

Bob Dylan, Chronicles Vol 1

In this passage in Bob’s autobiography, he is talking about a musical style that he learned and was about to start using as part of his playing and singing style.
This is very much about music: the structuring of melodies, and marrying them to lyrics to create songs. But while I was reading it, I started to realize that this same concept, of gaining power from the least amount of effort, was something that had strong applicability to virtually any type of writing.
And if you think about the different writers you read regularly, it’s quite possible that they are employing this same concept.

“I don’t know why the number 3 is more metaphysically powerful than the number 2 but it is.”

Bob Dylan, Chronicles Vol 1

Back in the day when I wrote a lot of print advertising, one of the things I used to do as part of my approach to whatever I had to write, was to imagine every ad to be a sort of three-act play.
In Act One, you introduce the product through a situation that was usually some sort of problem the product you were writing about could solve.
j0284915 copyIn Act Two, you introduce the product and explain more or less how it works to solve the problem you set up in Act One.
In Act Three, you confidently make the assumption that you have done a good job in Acts One and Two and basically wrap things up by asking for the sale.
This rule would apply to pretty much everything you did: a TV spot, radio commercial, brochure or product video. (That’s sort of all we had back then).
In today’s world of Content Allegedly Being King, you find that ads are now longer format posts or blog posts. But, believe it or not, in most cases where these pieces are being created to sell something, the structure is basically the same. The depth of sale opportunity is greater but the logic of the selling argument is eternal.

“A song is like a dream you try to make come true. They are like strange countries that you have to enter.”

Bob Dylan, Chronicles Vol 1

I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever just sit down and start writing. Not without an idea that at the very lease illuminates and defines Act One of the process.
Once an idea occurs to me, I think about it for quite a while (several hours), while I am doing other things. That’s the great thing about ideas. They are extremely portable and very light.
When I was younger, there was a front end to this process in that I would think about a lot of ideas and jot a lot of them down, for fear of forgetting them, and then pick one. This was similar to my photography when I would shoot a lot of different things and end up with just one or two that I thought, yeah, these are OK.
These days, and maybe it has something to do with accumulated insight, I stumble on an idea, like I did reading Bob’s autobiography, and that idea becomes a bit of a temporary obsession.
I explore all the ways I can get to Act 2 and 3, eliminate the stupid shit and end up with a pretty clear picture in my head of how to take it from one end to the other.

“One line brings up another like when your left foot steps forward and your right foot drags up to it.”

Bob Dylan, Chronicles Vol 1

Because you have thought through the process and structure or creating the piece the actual writing is more like a gestalt, where you get to spew it all forth.
j0309621It may come out a little rough, but that doesn’t matter if the idea is sound and thought through. You can always fix it, tighten the bolts, lubricate the joints, add tangential thoughts that support the premise, and generally have a good time doing it.
But all the time, you are moving forward. The pony is sashaying or trotting or galloping depending on your preference and the speed at which you like to work.
I generally spend about 30 to 45 minutes writing on each op ed or insight piece I create. But I never measure the amount of time I spend molding the idea. It would be hours, days or even weeks, depending on the idea.

Why I Wrote This

A lot of people think that the stuff I write sounds very spontaneous, like a stream of consciousness rant. So I guess I wanted to let you know that this isn’t true. That there is a method to every bit of madness that I tap out here.
It is all thought through. It is all well planned. And most of the time I hope it’s well executed. But all the time it’s fun] for me to write.
There is a certain amount of addiction involved in anything you like to do and that gives you joy. I am a writing junkie.
I write all kinds of things.
In fact two days ago I unearthed the the opening salvo for a novella I want to write. It’s called Smith and it’s about a guy who learns to become a professional killer.
At least once a week I sit down and blow out an idea I have for a lyric and add it to my catalogue. Then I send it out to several composers I know to see if it turns their cranks.This week I am in the middle of writing a credentials package for an association I am starting with my friend and associate, Charlene Norman, who is one of the smartest business analysts I have ever met and who wants to get involved with some of the larger businesses in this area.
The long and short of it is that you can’t do all this unless you are at the very least, mildly addicted to the idea of doing it, and have developed your abilities to actually do it well.
I genuinely believe that the addiction defines the difference between those who write and those who make a career out of writing.
Which one are you?

Salient Points

Me & Bob

• Think before you start writing.
• Decide on a structure. A three act play or whatever works for you.
• Just have fun.
• Don’t fear becoming addicted to writing. You will not die, it’s not poison.

If your business has reached the point where talking to an experienced  communication professional would be the preferred option to banging your head against the wall or whatever, lets talk.

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Crimes of Ignorance Part 1: Gay & Transgender Discrimination

The first gay person I ever knew was a guy named Donny Marks. He lived down the street from me in Fort Erie and he and my mother were really good friends.
Donny was a kind, gentle soul. He worked in an office somewhere and was obviously successful because he dressed really well and drove a red 1957 Chevy BelAir convertible, which he kept in pristine condition and was considered to be the coolest car in town.
When I was a kid in the fifties, we didn’t know anything about gay people. In fact, it wasn’t until many years later that I found out that Donny was gay. I never saw him with another man. But he did travel to Buffalo a lot. Sometimes he would even give me and my pal Jim DeBeau a ride to the downtown bus station billiard hall, where we would relieve unsuspecting Americans of their currency playing eight ball.
Donny’s sexual orientation was never a point of discussion with me and my friends. He was always just considered a happy bachelor, the kind of life that many of us would have wished for ourselves.
I guess I should have known something was up with Donny, because he had effeminate hand gestures and genuine lilt to his voice. But back then we didn’t really have a concept of gay, even though there were some incidents here and there. We just wrote them off as gossip.
The bottom line is that I grew up with no anti-gay predisposition, and so as I got older and started encountering openly gay people, it never occurred to me to hate or fear them. In my mind, they were all just variations on Donny Marks. And there was nothing wrong with that.

Cut To Today

Homophobia abounds in today’s world. And you can trace the roots of most of it back to the Bible, or should I say, a certain interpretation of certain parts of the Bible, that very much appear to make homosexuality some sort of heinous sin.
All over the world, gay and transgender people are being discriminated against, terrorized and in a number of countries even imprisoned or put to death simply for loving a person of the same gender.
I don’t understand this, because in point of fact, being gay or being a transgender person isn’t really a choice that you make in life. It’s very much a part of your genetic situation.
But for a roll of the genetic dice, any of us could be gay or lesbian or transgender. It’s all a crapshoot, and so to discriminate or hate or resent a person for being that way is really the height of ignorance in many societies, including our own.
Somehow a lot of misinformation about gay and transgender states of being has found its way into the laws of various lands. This is mostly the work of religious bigots and politicians who are using a highly questionable source (the Bible) as the basis for the opinions they form about people who are not classically heterosexual.
In point of fact, it’s really quite possible that we all possess the ability to become attracted to someone of the same gender, just as we all wonder from time to time, what it would be like to be a woman if we are a man and vice versa.

At The End Of The Day

There is only one reality. And that is based on what we know and can prove scientifically about how we are made.
Our genetic code is unique to us, and if we have a gene or two that predisposes us toward a certain type of behavior: sexual, emotional, criminal, intellectual, or physical, it’s way too simplistic to write that off to choices that we make.
Only terribly ignorant and bigoted people do this sort of thing.
By the same token, you might argue that these bigots could be genetically disposed to behaving that way, although many psychologists believe that bigotry and hatred are ‘learned’ behaviors and mostly confined to the weak-minded.

Donny Marks Was A Good Human Being

Donny was always kind and good and generous to people. I can’t imagine how very hard it must have been for him to be the way he was, because back then, when gay people were all very much ‘in the closet’.
Gay and transgender people have come a long way in terms of coming out and being accepted by a great many in our society in Canada and in many other progressive countries.
But, as we can clearly see, gay and transgender discrimination and persecution still runs rampant, in the US and in many countries around the world run by right wing governments and the bigots who empower them.
These people, I am sad to say have yet to enter even the 20th century let alone the 21st, in their thinking.
My sister calls this a symptom of the last dying gasp of the bigoted old white guys.
And I really can’t disagree. And frankly, I can hardly wait for them to all die out.

If your business has reached the point where talking to an experienced  communication professional would be the preferred option to banging your head against the wall or whatever, lets talk.

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Confessions Of An Internet Junkie Trying To Kick The Habit

Jim 2017 & beBee Logos ColourEvery so often I have an epiphany. Each epiphany is brought on by a confluence of events in my life that impact on me in such a way as to cause a certain type turmoil in my brain.

I used to fear this turmoil because when it first started happening I thought it might turn me into some kind of monster or crazy. But, of course, it didn’t. And after a while, the turmoil became less frightening and even something I could have a modicum of control over.

When you live in your own head and everything you manufacture comes from there, you start to realize just how sensitive a place it really is.

Everything goes in. Everything. What comes out are ideas and insights and conversations and little philosophical essays like this one.

Sometimes they come out as brilliantly humanitarian. Other times they come out as little fire-breathing dragons of rage. It doesn’t matter which to me because they are always the end product of what goes in in the first place. And that changes from day to day.

Today’s output is little dragons. Breathing fire on the Internet.

How The Internet Is Not A Good Thing

While a lot of people will argue that the Internet has been a boon to humanity in a lot of ways, in terms of convenience, bridging distance and bringing people together without the cumbersome necessity of travel. These are all good things and there are probably more.

But today is little fire-breathing dragon day, so I should also point out the following:

The Internet has turned billions of people into junkies, with its tranquilizing videos of pets being cute and assholes fucking up and people creating amazing music that nobody buys and art that everybody admires but nobody would really purchase

The Internet has turned countless millions into exhibitionist desperadoes who will do anything, no matter how stupid, personally embarrassing or dangerous, for a thousand likes.

The Internet has turned many of us into creatures who would rather connect virtually as opposed to in person. This is great for introverts, but for the rest of us, not so much.

The Internet, by virtue of the convenience it offers in areas like retail, is isolating us from an important tactile social experience which shopping and actually holding in your hands or physically trying out the things you want to purchase represents.

The Internet, especially social media, claims to be a wellspring of ideas and interaction, but for the most part, very little of substance seems to come from it.

The Internet has forced a lot of people who are anything but to become writers, and as such has created a content glut of mediocrity
that frustrates the hell out of both the seekers of knowledge and insight and a those who actually have genuine knowledge and insights to share.

The Internet is a huge dangling carrot, designed to get you to reveal all kinds of stuff about yourself so enterprising marketers can collect that info, package it and sell it to advertisers, who, in turn, attack you with focused advertising that, despite being based on all your preferences and habits, is still mind numbing in the extreme.

And what is the end game? What is the purpose of all this? Nothing more than to create Internet millionaires and keep the gears of industry lubricated, and not in a very efficient way at that if the truth be told.

And yet people by the billions log on every day and cruise around, mostly in darkened rooms, trading their precious time for whatever they feel is worth the exchange.

The Value Question

But the question you have to ask yourself is this: Are you getting more out of the Internet than you are giving? I believe a lot of people, if they were really honest with themselves, would conclude that they are not.

It’s a pretty damn crazy world out there. People, even the not-so-bright ones, have to be aware that bullshit is everywhere.

Don’t they? Or are they just in denial. Are they afraid to face the reality that the world in three dimensions represents to them right now? Are they hiding in social media and chat room cocoons, assuring each other that this is the reality and the rest of it is all an illusion. Or are they just hoping it will all blow over some day?

I’m Probably Not Very Popular Today

This is the kind of post that only a relatively few will read. Not because anything I have said goes over their heads. But because the essence of what I’m saying here is WAKE THE FUCK UP. And a lot of people are afraid to.

After years of being here and spitting out these little essays, I have come to realize that living in an artificially constructed world of illusion has become an easy thing to do for people, myself included.

Whatever the controlling forces in society might be, they obviously want it this way.

Maybe because it makes us malleable and much more open to suggestion.

Maybe it’s a narcotic of sorts that is pleasant and much more desirable than whatever passes for three-dimensional reality these days.

Or maybe it’s a form of bondage that the majority of us will never be able to break free from.

I don’t know for sure. But I do know something in my brain is changing.

Maybe I have just swallowed too much bullshit. Maybe we all have.

Maybe we all need to grab onto a branch and pull ourselves out of this intellectual and spiritual quagmire for a while and get our perspective back.

Maybe we should get pissed off and yell and scream and break something.

Or maybe we should just go down to Tim Hortons or Starbucks or wherever and have a coffee together. Maybe we should try touching each other instead of just fondling keyboard keys.

Maybe that’s my way forward. It sure feels like it could be doable. But who knows. It’s just something that popped out of my head while I was out riding.

The Insight

It’s always going to be a question of balance. Find something you like to do off line and do a lot of it. That way when you get on line you’ll have more interesting stuff to share.

But you will also be spending less time online and more time in the real world. And when you do that, which is something I have been working on lately, you inevitably find that it’s not so bad.

It’s colourful. The sun shines most of the time. Things grow. People move around. There are all kinds of pleasant noises. And the view is different every time you turn your head.

jim out.

93% Crazy And Diligently Working My Way To The Finish Line

93% Crazy And Diligently Working My Way To The Finish Line



I paint myself black like a soldier
I sneak through the jungle in the night
I make lists of all the public enemies
One list for the left, another for the right.

It doesn’t seem to matter much anymore
Which way your politics happen to lean
There are so many ways to be buried alive
So many maniacs and their manic dreams

Some people call me a killer
But I do what I must to survive
Some say I’ll never be happy until
I bury the whole world alive

But it doesn’t seem to matter much anymore
Who is righteous and who is wrong
So many sharp points to any point of view
So many maniacs coming on strong

Nobody gives a goddamn anymore
It’s just another bullet to the brain
The glazed eyes are a dead giveaway
The fragile wall between people and their pain

It doesn’t seem to matter much anymore
There are no drugs left to get us high
The only thing we pray for is absolution
So many maniacs waiting to die

I wrote this in 1982. It was part of a collection of lyrics that for a screenplay entitled Two Gods. It was all about the music industry but, it was obviously also an allegory for a lot of other stuff that was going on back then. That was thirty five years ago, and all this stuff is still with us. Only much louder and brassier and tackier than ever.

Oh sure I survived. We all survive. And a lot of us can shut out the darkness, turn on a lamp and read a book that was written before the Industrial Revolution started sucking the life out of humanity.

Sounds pretty cynical, I suppose. But looking around at the world, you can’t help but get the feeling like it’s standing on the edge of a thousand foot drop begging to be talked out of jumping.

You could probably argue that it’s always been this way and that the big difference is that it just wasn’t coming at us 24/7 like it is these days.

But there’s a warning here. And the warning is for us to slow down. To get back in touch with our humanity, to start talking to each other like civilized human beings again, because that’s what’s lacking out there these days.

All this energy we are expending trying to get where we are going…all this me me me, it’s all about me bullshit…it ss doing nothing more than squeezing the world too tightly.
Sooner or later something has to give. Sometimes I feel like it’s my brain.

The Original Post

I am out of it.

The world appears to have turned a corner and headed off in some strange direction and I didn’t get the email.

I get headaches trying to figure out what’s going on. This is mainly because very little appears to make any sense any more.

How the hell did Donald Trump get to the president of the United States?

I mean, to any objective observer, it looks like he just kind of conned his way into the job. He doesn’t really have any qualifications that make sense. He’s a billionaire or so he tells everybody, and he’s in real estate which is a business that’s famous for people screwing other people over big time. He’s about as diplomatic as a mongoose confronting a cobra. He is as self absorbed as any human being ever could be. And only about 13% of everything he says has any relationship to reality.

I think I missed the point somewhere along the line that about 60 million Americans seem to have gotten. And damn it, I was watching closely.

How the hell did it happen that the British people voted to leave the European union, and the
very next day, Google registered millions of inquiries from Britain asking what the European Union, in fact, was?

How could so many people vote for or against something they knew absolutely nothing about? I was watching that go down too and just ended up shaking my head. Not for the British people, because I could care less. But for me, because it was all so fucking puzzling.

How many news stories were written about cops in the US and Canada shooting unarmed people (mostly black)?

These cops get arrested. They go on trial are are found guilty. They go to prison and probably have a hard time there what with all the young black guys they are penned up with.
And yet the cops don’t seem to show any signs of actually letting up. I don’t get it. I mean if you were a cop and you saw all this happening to other cops, wouldn’t it be logical to say…you know, maybe I should think twice before emptying a clip into some black guy who’s just holding his smart phone?

This is me, sighing heavily because I am starting to feel that my marbles, which used to be bright and shiny and intuitive, are deserting me.

Where does all this insanity come from? Or has the world just morphed into a place where all the crazy shit is normal and I just didn’t get the memo again?

As a writer, I do a lot of thinking and a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately has to do with why I don’t seem to be able to figure things out the way I used to back in the day.

This is slowly becoming a chronic condition in my head. It’s kind of like one of those Mission Impossible episodes where the IMF team puts together a con so elaborate that you would swear it was real. But all the time you’re telling yourself that it doesn’t make any sense. But you still believe it, because, other than what’s happening in your head, you have no reason not to.

The logical consequent is that either the world is crazy or you are. And frankly, I have an easier time thinking it’s me.

So what do I do?

Well, I try try and exorcise the demon by seeing if I can write it out of my system.

I try ignoring all the news in the hopes that if I do that for long enough, things will go back to normal. But they never do.

Finally, and this is the hardest, I try to stop trying to understand it. Because, let’s face it, it’s no fun being 93% convinced that you are nuts and having it reinforced every day.

But I’ll be alright. As a species, we are adaptable if nothing else.

Just another 7% and I will be able to join all the other crazies out there. And who knows…I might just enjoy it.

At the very least, it will be a relief.

jim out

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The Uphill Work Of Raging Against The Dying Of The Light

The Uphill Work Of Raging Against The Dying Of The Light

Yesterday, I reposted an article I wrote last year before Donald Trump was elected. It was really more of a lament on the current state of humanity with particular focus on America.

I know that these mini-tirades are not as popular as the pieces that I write on marketing and how to be a better blogger and my mis-adventures in the advertising business or whatever, but to me they are necessary.
My mother told me a long time ago that it was a lot better for your own well being to blow off steam than to keep your opinions bottled up inside you. And I have taken that advice to heart all through my adult life.
I sincerely believe this attitude of always speaking the truth as you know it has served me well both personally and professionally. As a result I have become an advocate of speaking the truth and encourage everyone to do so all the time.

Political Correctness Is A Repressive Tool

Political correctness, which has become a chronic intellectual disease in many societies, is simply another tool that oppressors and the powerful use to keep criticism under control. And it’s a big part of what creates the sheeple that I wrote about in my post.
This political correctness was very much in evidence in a comment I got from an actual 3-D friend on Facebook. This person is a politician and someone I think is pretty intelligent. But because he is a politician he is more or less forced to say the politically correct thing, which, in this case, amounted to an inference that I was doing nothing more than name calling, because I was showing little respect for people with opinions that differed from my own.
OK. Sure. That’s what I was doing alright.
But if you look at it objectively, I mean truly objectively sans the politically correct horse collar, it’s very easy to see that the vast majority of people who supported Donald Trump were ignorant and politically uneducated, and for that reason highly susceptible to the ravings of a lunatic who promised to make their lives better, to get them back jobs that any sane person knows are lost forever and get rid America of the threat of terrorism by isolating their country from the rest of the world.
All that not withstanding, I was very disheartened by my friend’s comment and started to actually wonder if all this raging against the machine was really worth the effort.
But then, I received another comment, This time on beBee from a fellow writer and ad guy, Jerry Fletcher.

Jerry’s Comment

“Sheeple are herd animals not ‘heard’ animals. Nobody listens to them…until it is too late.
A friend reported being in a deli/bar in a blue collar neighborhood at lunch time last week. It was just after Trumpcare went down to defeat. In the noisy room filled with truck drivers and construction workers, one young man stood up and said, ‘Thank God Trumpcare crashed and burned.’ The crowd started to turn on him.
He went on, ‘So now my granny will be able to stay in care because Medicaid is paying for it. Otherwise she’d be sleeping in my car. I voted for him, but that S O B doesn’t care about folks like us. Every one of us could wind up without health care. I’m voting Democrat in 2018 I don’t give a rat’s ass who they run.’ My friend joined the cheer from the crowd.
You want to change the world? As Dylan Thomas said, “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
Have the courage to speak out. Jim makes for a fine example. Yes, he can push your buttons but what do you expect from a professional writer?”

My Response to Jerry

“Jerry Just wanted to thank you for this comment form the bottom of my heart.
Sometimes you get to the point where feel you might be a bit of a lunatic for raging against the machine.
But your comment put it all into the real world perspective and I have to tell you it genuinely energized me. I’m going to incorporate it into an anti-Trump post that I wrote last night.
Raging against the dying of the light comes naturally to a lot of us, and although I wasn’t going to stop, I am, in fact, going forward in a higher gear.
You’re a great writer Jerry, because you moved me in a pretty serious way. And that’s what we’re supposed to do, isn’t it? So thanks my friend.”

Crazy, Isn’t It?

As you can see, fighting against political correctness and the what really amounts to textbook fascism is not without its difficulties and emotional ups and downs.
And I am not politically motivated it this. I am motivated by the friends I have in America, which are many, who never saw this coming and feel completely victimized by the maniac that has been put in power, and the party of right wing drones who support him no matter how crazy he may get.
The comparisons to Nazi Germany in the 1930s are not without substance here. And it is a right thing to do to speak out against this, because when (arguably) the most powerful nation on earth elects someone as completely inept and self-serving ad Donald Trump, it’s naive in the extreme to believe that will not someday impact on your country.
Finally. Here is the post I wrote last night on Facebook. I usually keep them there in familiar territory, but thanks to Jerry’s comment I am en
ouraged to start publishing them everywhere.
The politically correct are welcome to come at me with all they’ve got. Because these days that’s really not a hell of a lot.
I leave you with my latest Anti-Trump tirade. One of many I have done and on of many yet to come.

It’s Like He’s Trying To Win The ‘Worst President Ever’ Contest

You know, I have been aware of US presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower in the late fifties, and I have to tell you that none of them, not even Nixon in the 1970s was ever really considered an big a monster as The Drumph. None of them.
But this one is different. This one slithered out from under a gold plated slime covered rock 70 years ago, and has been a pig literally ever since I can first recall being aware of him.
But America is a funny place. America is a place that equates fame with wisdom and wealth with leadership.
And now we’re really getting a front row view of just what fucked up perceptions those actually are.
Because now, you’re starting to see the asshole who paraded around in hat with “Let’s Make America Great Again” on it is now using all the power he has to turn America into a complete 1% have/99% have not country.
The problem with that is that it doesn’t make sense.
A democracy only works when everybody has the opportunity to have what they need.
An economy only works when people earn enough to be able to afford the stuff they need.
And a society only works if the people leading it have enough compassion to make sure that everyone is taken care of.
This president don’t have any awareness of what I have just said. He cannot see any farther than what he sees in the mirror each day. So he can fuck his people six ways from Sunday and never feel a twinge of guilt or remorse or concern. That also happens to be the text book description of a psychopath.
I have for a while now, been wondering what the hell is wrong with America and I have actually concluded that it’s Trump.
It’s what he represents. It’s how he acts towards other human beings. It’s how he shows no respect for quite literally anything that doesn’t affect him directly.
America has painted itself into a corner, thinking they were making a change for the better. And now they are starting to realize that they were making a change, only it was a change for the worse.
I feel bad for all the Americans who are and will inevitably be victimized by this insanity. Because they are caught between a rock and a hard place.
But at the same time, we all have to be aware that this was the will of the people and the body politic.
You’re getting the government you deserve America. Next time, maybe, you’ll a little less gullible.

jim out

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Nice of you to drop by. I have assembled here all the information you will need to get a clear picture of who I am, what I have done and, by inference, what I can do to help you grow your business from a communications  perspective. This site is essentially a series of PDF downloads and links, the contents of which are as follows:

By way of introduction, I am primarily a copywriter and editor. But because I also work with businesses that are too small to be able to afford an agency or designco, I tend to art direct and produce virtually everything I write for these companies. They find this both helpful and affordable, and frankly, developing these skills has helped me become a better writer.

• Consumer Advertising & Promotion
• Consumer Longer Format
• Retail Advertising
• Business to Business Advertising & Promotion
• Business To Business Longer Format


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• Consumer Advertising & Promotion


• Consumer Longer Format


• Retail Advertising & Promotion


• Business to Business Advertising & Promotion


• Business To Business Longer Format


Or as they are otherwise known, career highlights.





Email me at onandup3@gmail.com to request a PDF copy of this publication.

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